The Business Protecting Marijuana Cashflow | Mike Hengstebeck

Mike Hengstebeck is an American Veteran who works in the cannabis distribution & transportation business.

Selling Money in the Caribbean | FAST CASH!

A new series by KONCRETE documenting the lifestyle, business, & culture of the Caribbean islands.

Growing Up with Cambodian Gangs in Oakland | Karla Mallah

We sat down with Ben's wife Karla to talk about her early life

Ben Mallah Reads Hate Comments

Ben Mallah reacts to haters and answers questions.

The Polish Real Estate Agent | Rafal Wazio

We sat down with luxury real estate agent Rafal Wazio, who was Bens agent when he bought Ryan Howards Belleair Shore mansion. We did...

How to Buy a $16.5 Million Mega Mansion

Ben bought the biggest, most expensive house on the west coast of Florida

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Ben talks about how Kodak Black frequently stays at one of his hotels in Ft. Lauderdale

The Real ‘Aquaman’ | KONCRETE Podcast 18

Manny Puig is a legendary wildlife expert, hunter, & fisherman.

Millionaire Wife | Life For Sale

Ben Mallah desperately tries to sell his $1.5 million dollar party bus, then takes his wife Karla to look at new beach house.

Jimmy Hart

WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart, Ben Mallah, & Danny Jones review the controversial commercials

Slaves of Dubai | Ben Mallah

Ben Mallah tells us about his trip to Dubai and expresses his thoughts & opinions on the Arab culture

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Ben Mallah tries to buy a waterfront mansion for his son Vince.

The Problem with The Death Penalty | Bjorn Brunvand

Criminal defense lawyer largely known for a case where he acquitted a Ukrainian ship captain accused of smuggling 3.5 tons of cocaine from Colombia.

Vinson Mallah

Ben Mallah's son Vince joined the Koncrete podcast this week to talk growing up in Oakland California and working in for his dad.

Abandoned $20,000,000 Drug Complex

The worst piece of property he's ever seen.

Ben Mallah’s Early Life of Crime in New York

Ben Mallah tells the truth about his early childhood stealing cars in New York City.

Dylan Hubbard: Co-Owner of Hubbard’s Marina | Podcast #12

The Hubbard family has been known for its roots in Gulf Coast fishing since the 1940's.

The Future of Machine Learning | Nathan Crock

Nathan Crock is a neuroscientist specializing in machine learning & artificial intelligence

VLOG: Hanging with GlokkNine and Rod Wave

We met up with St. Petersburg hip hop recording artist Rod Wave and Orlando recording artist GlokkNine before their show at Janus Live. Near...

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Learn how to flex like Ben Mallah and Lil Tay by watching this video now.

The Secret to Real Estate Investing

Season 2 premiere of Life For Sale is here