The Biggest Narco Empire in US History | Jorge Valdes

Dr. Jorge L. Valdes is a Cuban-American Ex-Narco, Ex-Con, entrepreneur, and author.

This Is What It Sounded Like At The Tampa Bay Protest

On Sunday, March 31, 2020 we went to Downtown Tampa, FL to ask some questions at the protest in response to the death of...

The Rollerblade Dancer | FLAWDA

“FLAWDA” is a new documentary anthology series by KONCRETE that explores the lives of unique individuals who live in the state of Florida. Bien...

How 8 Years in Prison Created a Music Career | Seth...

Seth Anthony is an American Country/ Country Rock/ Country Rap/ Country Pop Singer born in Florida.

The TFUE Podcast

On this podcast Tfue explains his hopes for the future of the esports business after his lawsuit with Faze Clan.

Florida’s Forgotten Pirate | DECK HANDS

Commercial Fisherman Shane Lee explains why he will never work in the fishing industry again.

Life After the WWE | Lanny Poffo

Lanny Poffo, better known by his ring names "Leaping" Lanny Poffo and "The Genius" is a Canadian-American professional wrestler, motivational speaker, poet, and younger brother of "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

The Business Protecting Marijuana Cashflow | Mike Hengstebeck

Mike Hengstebeck is an American Veteran who works in the cannabis distribution & transportation business.

Selling Money in the Caribbean | FAST CASH!

A new series by KONCRETE documenting the lifestyle, business, & culture of the Caribbean islands.

The Real ‘Aquaman’ | KONCRETE Podcast 18

Manny Puig is a legendary wildlife expert, hunter, & fisherman.

The Problem with The Death Penalty | Bjorn Brunvand

Criminal defense lawyer largely known for a case where he acquitted a Ukrainian ship captain accused of smuggling 3.5 tons of cocaine from Colombia.

Dylan Hubbard: Co-Owner of Hubbard’s Marina | Podcast #12

The Hubbard family has been known for its roots in Gulf Coast fishing since the 1940's.

The Future of Machine Learning | Nathan Crock

Nathan Crock is a neuroscientist specializing in machine learning & artificial intelligence

VLOG: Hanging with GlokkNine and Rod Wave

We met up with St. Petersburg hip hop recording artist Rod Wave and Orlando recording artist GlokkNine before their show at Janus Live. Near...

Meet the Worlds Biggest Pro Wrestling Superfans

"For most fans it’s like having an embarrassing condition that you don’t want anyone to know about in case they make fun of you."

The Rod Wave Interview

We talked about how he got started making music and how he plans to change the world.

Playing Madden with JuJu Smith-Schuster: The Best Gamer in the NFL

He beat the shit out of us in Madden.

Who Actually Listens to GWAR?

GWAR fans don't know anything about Lil Pump.

JuJu Smith-Schuster gets a Real Job

One customer suggested that JuJu keeps his night job but could moonlight at the ice cream store on Friday and Saturday nights.

How to Dance Like JuJu Smith-Schuster

He started by hitting a turbo-dab, then started cooking, then went into the wu-tang dance, mixed with a Dragon Ball Z kamehameha move.

Fake Lil Pump Prank | Tricks Entire Concert Venue

He easily pranked over 3,000 Lil Pump Fans