The Biggest Narco Empire in US History | Jorge Valdes

Dr. Jorge L. Valdes is a Cuban-American Ex-Narco, Ex-Con, entrepreneur, and author.

This Is What It Sounded Like At The Tampa Bay Protest On Sunday, March 31, 2020 we went to Downtown Tampa, FL to ask some questions at the protest in response to the death of...

The Rollerblade Dancer | FLAWDA

“FLAWDA” is a new documentary anthology series by KONCRETE that explores the lives of unique individuals who live in the state of Florida. Bien...

How 8 Years in Prison Created a Music Career | Seth...

Seth Anthony is an American Country/ Country Rock/ Country Rap/ Country Pop Singer born in Florida.

The duPont Family

Ben meets with Tom duPont and at the duPont Registry to be a guest on his Tampa Bay Podcast, then does a walk through of a local shopping center before it goes to market.

The TFUE Podcast

On this podcast Tfue explains his hopes for the future of the esports business after his lawsuit with Faze Clan.

The World’s Most Unusual Dollar Store

The Dollar Store was stocked with hundreds of creepy porcelain dolls, Samurai swords, butterfly knives, and Trump hats.

Internet Money: Ben Mallah VS Sam Pepper

Sam Pepper talks making money on YouTube and live streaming, how much money he's made on YouTube, & the massive success of Tfue.

Florida’s Forgotten Pirate | DECK HANDS

Commercial Fisherman Shane Lee explains why he will never work in the fishing industry again.

The Amphibious Car

Ben's son Vinson buys him an amphibious car so he can avoid traffic and get to work faster.

Life After the WWE | Lanny Poffo

Lanny Poffo, better known by his ring names "Leaping" Lanny Poffo and "The Genius" is a Canadian-American professional wrestler, motivational speaker, poet, and younger brother of "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

Becoming a Millionaire at Age 26 | Graham Stephan

Real estate investor Graham Stephan talks becoming a millionaire at 26 years old and how he has sold over $120 million worth of real estate since 2008.

Buying a Gas Station

Ben attempts to buy a gas station with a food mart & car wash connected to it.

Ben Mallah Responds to Your Comments

Ben Mallah responds to YouTube comments from the haters while floating on the lazy river under his mansion.

The Business Protecting Marijuana Cashflow | Mike Hengstebeck

Mike Hengstebeck is an American Veteran who works in the cannabis distribution & transportation business.

Selling Money in the Caribbean | FAST CASH!

A new series by KONCRETE documenting the lifestyle, business, & culture of the Caribbean islands.

Growing Up with Cambodian Gangs in Oakland | Karla Mallah

We sat down with Ben's wife Karla to talk about her early life

Ben Mallah Reads Hate Comments

Ben Mallah reacts to haters and answers questions.

The Polish Real Estate Agent | Rafal Wazio

We sat down with luxury real estate agent Rafal Wazio, who was Bens agent when he bought Ryan Howards Belleair Shore mansion. We did...

How to Buy a $16.5 Million Mega Mansion

Ben bought the biggest, most expensive house on the west coast of Florida

Why Kodak Black Stays at Bens Hotel | Ben Mallah

Ben talks about how Kodak Black frequently stays at one of his hotels in Ft. Lauderdale