Avoiding a 9-5 is a Really Shitty Idea



Let’s face it: not everyone is cut out for nine-to-five. The idea of the classic desk job is just boring for a lot of people. Since that typical “desk job” is pretty much the norm, most feel compelled to work these kind of jobs – especially those without a college degree, unless they find some legit work from home jobs. Well, I found several jobs that are pretty out there – and don’t require a formal education (or much of one). Everyone wants to make some money for themselves, whether that’s by working in an office or investing in stocks on Stocktrades, we all want money. Let’s hope one of these jobs works for you!

  1. Household/Domestic Assistance
'Relax Cookie. I'll call the mold monster experts!'
Source: Sneuro, www.cartoonstock.com

Okay, maybe the title isn’t odd. But there are things people want done in their home that they simply don’t feel like doing – and are more than willing to pay others to do it for them. Just by doing a simple Google search I found these jobs: removing a stump, writing thank you cards and installing holiday lights. Hey, if you can do it then why not? Companies such as Care.com allow you to post a profile to get in-touch with people in need of this kind of assistance. The benefits seem well: you work for yourself, negotiate your own payments, and should have constant work. That and it’s pretty easy. So if you want to try something different but not stray too far from home, help out others with things they can’t do or don’t want to do themselves.

  1. Brand Ambassador
source: www.elitepromotionalmodels.com.au
source: www.elitepromotionalmodels.com.au

Have you ever been to a bar and had a pretty girl hand you samples? Those girls are what is commonly referred to as “brand ambassadors.” They sign up with an agency that gets in touch with these brands (usually companies that sell alcohol and food, and can even assist concerts and sporting events) and the ambassadors sign up for these jobs. The ambassadors are usually on the floor between two-to-six hours, and get paid up to $30 per hour! The only issue is finding an agency you trust. I’ve signed up for several events like these and didn’t get hired to do them. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this as your main source of work, unless you find a reputable agency that supplies enough work. These jobs are also not limited to only women; if men have an engaging personality and great people skills you’re qualified for a position like this, as well!

  1. Chauffeur for Injured/Disabled Person


Are you the kind of person who doesn’t mind driving? You should look into a job like such as this one. Being a chauffeur is something that can get you a stable job, especially carting around those whom are medically unable to drive. Think about it: they need to go to doctor’s appointments, and can’t drive themselves. Rather than invest in a cab, some would much rather have something they know they can trust. There are businesses that specifically hire reliable drivers; as long as you have a well-maintained vehicle and GPS you’re golden!

  1. Sperm/Egg Donor


I think this is a job that everyone knows pays a lot for having, well in some cases what you throw away on the regular. Families who struggle to have children are still willing to put trust in others as far as donating their cells. This will obviously allow the infertile couple to have a child. The interesting factor is how much they pay; this family in particular is willing to pay a woman $10,000 for her to donate her eggs. Now don’t think you’ll get the money up front: a complex screening process is required. They ask you expected questions such as about your physical health, but also very personal questions such as family mental health history. This woman’s story is extremely interesting, as she goes into the detail of her egg-donating journey and what she ended up doing with the mass amount of money she earned. Could it be worth risking your personal ability to have children, in order to help out someone else and make a lot of money in the process? I’ll let you answer that question.

  1. Test Scorer


When I first saw this job title, I immediately thought it had something to do with sports. It’s to help teachers grade tests. When I was in school I knew teachers had assistants for scoring tests, but didn’t realize it was an actual job. This is the only job I found that requires a formal degree: Bachelor’s. But, 1. It’s not limited to a specific degree, or even previous teaching experience for that matter, and 2. It’s a perfect entry-level job for recent graduates. The pay is also pretty well; this one in particular pays $13 per hour, which isn’t bad. Could you do this as a career? No, but it’s something a college grad can put on a resume that isn’t customer service.

  1. Flyer Hanging
Source: Green Team, www.chicagometers.com

When I was scrolling through Craigslist finding these jobs, I was shocked when I saw someone post an ad to have their company’s advertisements attached to doors. I know I’ve seen those ads on my door, but I figured the company owner or regular employee was the one who put them on doors. Then I did some more research, and it looks like flyer/ad hanging is a pretty common thing; especially for those who want to hang large banners. So if you’re looking for some easy work – and if you’re possibly really tall – this is not a bad gig to do on the side.

  1. Food Taster
Source: www.theguardian.com

Dream job for some people! But really, you can get paid to do this. The Sensory Evaluation Center in the Penn State Department of Food Science hires volunteers to do taste tests. According to this website, you can get on staff to taste the product, comment on texture, etc. of certain products. I’m not sure if they offered this at my college, and now I’m kinda mad I didn’t look into this brilliant idea (though I can’t complain too much – I was in a video game study), but hey this isn’t a bad idea to look into if you’re anywhere near a university research center.

  1. Sexy Cleaning


So while I’m scrolling through Miami’s Job Opening section on Craigslist (which I highly recommend everyone go look at) I stumbled upon this ad. Perplexed, I asked my fellow colleagues at Koncrete, inc. if they heard of such a thing. One of my bosses told me it’s a pretty popular industry. Just a Google search titled “Sexy Cleaning” issued a variety of results. I’m surprised that men resorted to Craigslist to fulfill their fantasies; you can hire a sexy – even nude – maid very easily. But these ladies don’t come cheap: California-based A Little Bit Dirty charges $160 per hour for a clean house and a view of boobs. Now ladies who don’t mind cleaning and showing skin, you can easily earn a ridiculous amount of money working for this kind of company. Think this industry is all about women? Guess again, you can easily pay a man to clean your house wearing nothing but a jockstrap. Can I hire a hot metal guy to cover his hair in soap and start windmilling? Maybe that way I’ll actually have a clean home…and be broke.

  1. Menu Collector


Are you the person who hoards menus? Well I got a job for you – that is, if you’re willing to give them up. This new restaurant in San Francisco is looking for 150+ menus. They pay $3 per menu, so that’s about $450 right there. If you find multiple new restaurants that need menus, well there ya go. Not a bad way to earn extra money.

EDIT: The company removed the ad by the time I went to work on this article. Darn!

  1. Bingo Manager
Bingo Manager Janette McCracken. Source: Simon Finlay.

Want to work an easy job and earn a decent living? Be a Bingo Manager! I’m not kidding, this is an actual job. You help coordinate bingo events, plan prizes, regulate gaming regulations (I had no idea “gaming regulations” was a thing) and you assist those involved in the game – in other words, the one who calls out the numbers. But hey, the salary is about $60,000! And all that’s required is a high school diploma (and maybe some bingo-playing experience!) so that’s not a bad salary to have without a college degree. So yeah. BINGO!

Well, I hope I gave you some ideas of random jobs, part-time jobs, or maybe just some quick ways to earn money. Because at the end of the day, an honest pay is honest pay – whether you’re at a desk, at a bar, or at…well, a stranger’s house in a jockstrap. So might as well start being creative, start searching Google (last result Craigslist) and send out those applications! Just know your work stories will never be boring.