How a Dirty Mind can Benefit U.S. Troops

patriotic sex toy
Source: Newsweek


It’s a pretty admirable quality when others give up their lives for the protection of our country. And I mean they’re sacrificing A LOT…including their sex lives. So that’s why it’s pretty amazing how Tom Stewart came up with sex toys targeted to injured and disabled veterans.

Let’s put it in this scenario: guys, picture you being a paraplegic and not being able to feel your pork-sword, and ladies picture your husband not being able to sexually pleasure you. The thought sucks, right? How selfless these couples are is extraordinary.

The idea started the same way any business idea in the sex-industry begins: someone had their mind in the gutter, and they went along with it. Well, Stewart was just thinking about banging women and something along the lines of Velcro. That then evolved into using Velcro to help veterans get busy.

Sportsheets' harness that allows paralyzed veterans to be physically intimate. Source:
Sportsheets’ harness that allows paralyzed veterans to be physically intimate.

Stewart’s company Sportsheets then used this idea once popular in the BDSM community to benefit the sex lives of soldiers. There are a variety of toys, such as harnesses to prop up paralyzed men and dildos that strap to the thigh.

The purpose of this idea is, hey everyone should be able to have sex. Intimacy is what brings you closer with your lover; it’s that naked, fun, yummy, wet time that everyone thinks about when they’re at work. If these men are fighting overseas for the protection of our country while the rest of us are at home shacking up with randoms, then our heroes should be able to come home and get some.