Hurricane IRMA Aftermath in Florida

Koncrete traveled to the barrier islands of Indian Rocks Beach just 5 hours after the eye well passed over.

Hurricane IRMA: Inside the Eye of the Storm 9/10/2017

We traveled to the beaches of west Florida just hours before the eye of Hurricane Irma arrived.

Hurricane IRMA Live: Tripping on Shrooms as Category 4 Makes Landfall...

We catch up with a couple local fisherman as they prepare for the catastrophic hurricane by tripping on shrooms.

Hurricane IRMA Live Updates: Becomes Most Powerful Storm Ever Recorded in...

Hurricane Irma is barreling through the Caribbean islands and is rapidly approaching South Florida.

How to Steal a $5 Million Dollar Mansion

Ben Mallah just bought the SCARFACE house.

Nickelback Fans Tell Us What Type of Music They Hate Most

Koncrete asks Nickelback fans what they're made of.

Life For Sale – Investing in Key West

Ben, Jimmy Hart, & Frank Chivas take a trip to Key West, Florida to search for real estate to buy for a new business...

Life For Sale – You’re Fired – Ep 27

Ben tries to use 9 coupons in order to get a discount at the 'big & tall' store. Danny catches the house on fire. Episode...

Deck Hands: Full Documentary

Watch the full "Deck Hands" documentary now. Follow KONCRETE: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 -

Life For Sale – The Restaurant Business

Frank Chivas, a notorious restaurateur from Florida, takes Ben out on a fishing trip. Ben hates fishing. Episode 1: Invested - Episode 2: $34.7 Million...

New Tech Show: RENDER (Unboxing Thermal Camera)

We know you want more videos so we are testing out a new show concept based on technology, called RENDER. Forrest is a tech...

Life For Sale: Being Jewish

Ben hires a Jewish tech guy to fix the security cameras at his house. Episode 1: Invested - Episode 2: $34.7 Million - Episode 3:...

Life For Sale: Rolls Royce Trade

Ben tries to trade in one of his Rolls Royce Phantoms for a new SUV. Episode 1: Invested - Episode 2: $34.7 Million - Episode...

Life For Sale: How to Buy a Shopping Center

Ben tries to buy a shopping plaza in a high-end neighborhood. Episode 1: Invested - Episode 2: $34.7 Million - Episode 3: Aluminum Years -...

Does Anyone Listen to: LIL UZI VERT

Photo by Michael James Murray This week Koncrete went out to a Lil Uzi Vert concert to conduct a study on his fan base.  The...

Life For Sale: One Thousand Dollars – Episode 21

Ben manages to organize a birthday party for his youngest son for only $1,000. Episode 1: Invested - Episode 2: $34.7 Million - Episode 3:...

Ben Responds to Comments #3

Here's more Ben reading your comments to hold you over until his next episode. (which is coming soon.) MILLIONAIRE CALCULATOR ►

Ben Responds to Comments (Part 2)

We picked out a few more comments for Ben to respond to. Make sure you leave a comment so he can respond to you...

Behind The Scenes of Peewee Longway’s ‘Egg Beater’ Music Video

Koncrete goes behind the scenes of Peewee Longways' "Egg Beater" music video with Omar the Director.

Life For Sale: Buy Back the Block – Episode 19

BUY THE MILLIONAIRE CALCULATOR ► Ben sells $30 million worth of real estate and scrambles to find a new hotel to buy before he...

Life For Sale: Ben’s Black Son – Episode 18

Ben and his son Vinson take the land jet to south Florida to buy a resort on the Atlantic ocean.